Thought leaders in the technology and life sciences industries depend on Gordon’s innovative cleanroom designs. Technology, aerospace, pharma, healthcare, biotech, medical devices, and even purified (CBD) cannabis need special ceiling solutions, antimicrobial finishes, and fan filter units.

Cleanrooms for

Semiconductor, Microtechnology, Aerospace Marketplaces

Gordon has been designing and manufacturing specialty architectural products for technology – related cleanroom facilities for over 45 years! Our Cleanroom Products line has grown to include light duty wire suspended grids, rod- suspended standard- and heavy-duty ceiling grids in gasket or gel seal versions, walkable ceiling systems, and the ultra-quiet PHANTOM® line of fan-powered filter units.

Regardless of your ISO or Fed. Std. 209 design requirements, Select from the industry’s most extensive offering of application-based products designed to meet the exacting demands of your specific cleanroom classification.

Cleanrooms for
Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Device Marketplaces

Gordon Cleanroom Products offers products designed specifically for use in Life Science cleanroom applications, in addition to our many extruded aluminum ceiling systems that are compatible for use in facilities that are FDA cGMP compliant. Standard finishes for our ceiling systems are powder coat or clear anodized to resist chemical attack of aggressive cleaning agents used in aseptic environments. An ACROSTAT™ antimicrobial powder coat finish is also available.

Through our industry experience, Gordon has developed a strong understanding of cus­tomer needs and acquired the resources, support systems and next-level manufacturing technologies that architects, designers, construction contractors, owners, and others need to meet the complex challenges of multiple applications. Gordon is an employee-owned business, and offers solutions for interior, exterior, acoustical, data center, cleanroom, security, and ornamental applications.

LG Grid

Gordon LG Cleanroom Gasketed Grids are wire-hung suspension grids designed for light to intermediate duty cleanroom applications.

LR Grid

Gordon LR Cleanroom Gasketed Grid is a wirehung suspension system, designed for use in pharmaceutical, hospital and food service cleanroom applications where gaskets must not be exposed.

2″ Gasket Seal

Gordon 2″ Cleanroom Gasketed Grids are 2-inch wide rod-suspended members designed for various technology or life science industry sectors, including Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Health Care.

Also available as walkable grid ideal for Life Sciences applications.

2″ Gel Seal

Gordon 2″ Cleanroom Gel Grids are rodsuspended ceiling grids featuring a channel to contain gel that creates a perfectly airtight seal necessary for pressurized plenum applications.

Standard PHANTOM

The Phantom Fan-powered Filter Unit (FFU) from Gordon has set the standard for the quietest operating noise, while maintaining high airflow output, with unsurpassed reliability.


Featuring an Electrically Commutated Motor, the ECM model Phantom adds the benefits of enhanced performance and extremely low operating costs to the industry best attributes of the Standard Phantom.


Gordon’s R2F model phantoms feature a roomside replaceable HEPA filter, for
cleanroom applications – typically life-science cleanrooms – where periodic filter change is expected.



Gordon CleanCove is a radiused, extruded aluminum corner transition created easy cleaning ceiling-to-wall and wall-to-wall applications in cGMP environments.


Gordon Cleanroom Grids and Accessories are provided in either clear anodized or white powder coat finishes.

Clear Anodized

Anodic finishes are applied to mill finish extrusions to provide resistance to corrosion, wear and clean ability.

White Powder Coat

Gordon Pearl White powder coat finish is created to meet AAMA 2604 specifications. Gordon powder coats have high durability, longevity, and withstand cleaning with sporicidal agents.

ACROSTATTM Antimicrobial

ACROSTAT is an antimicrobial additive that can be included in any Gordon powder coat finish. The application of ACROSTAT provides maximum resistance to the growth of bacteria and fungus and as such helps maintain a safer, more sanitary environment.