Gordon 2″ Cleanroom Gasketed Grids are 2-inch wide rod-suspended members designed for various technology or life science industry sectors, including Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Health Care. Gordon offers the greatest number of ceiling options available, allowing you to select the ideal ceiling to match the performance requirements of your cleanroom.



When using Gordon cleanroom ceiling grids in sterile environments for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Health Care, add Gordon CleanCove for a radiused, easily cleanable corner transition. Made from extruded aluminum, CleanCove creates a smooth transition from ceiling-to-wall and wall-to-wall that enables thorough cleaning in USP or cGMP environments. Eliminating 90-degree inside corners with CleanCove helps assure that you cGMP facility will be validatable.




  • 1/4-20 threaded rod suspension for standardduty loading requirements
  • 3/8-16 threaded rod suspension for more extreme loading conditions


  • Flush face for basic lay-in ceilings
  • ScrewSlot for face attachment and teardrop light fixtures, partitions or other accessories
  • DS-40 Double-T extrusions to accommodate special grid penetrations or layouts


  • DS extrusions for standard loads
  • WG extrusions for walkable ceiling grids
  • ST (Suspension Track) extrusions in DS or WG versions for extreme load suspension from the grid

  • Fixed
  • Floating


  • Custom engineered Gordon/FlexHead® through-grid fire sprinkler fixtures


  • Pearl White powder coat
  • Clear Anodized




DS-20 (Light Duty)
DS-20 Consolidated Set

DS-20 Main / Cross Tee

DS-20 Grid Isometric

DS-20 4-Way Connector

DS-20 3-Way Connector

DS-20 MTS Connector

DS-20 24″ / 24″ Grid Plan

DS-20 24″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-20 ​48″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-20 24-1/2″ / 24-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20 24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20 48-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20 Seismic Detail

DS-20 Fixed Perimeter Isometric

DS-20 Fixed Perimeter Section

DS-20 Floating Perimeter Isometric

DS-20 Floating Perimeter Section

DS-20 Sprinkler Assembly

DS-20 Cleancove Detail

DS-20-SS (Light Duty)
DS-20-SS Consolidated Set

DS-20-SS Main / Cross Tee

DS-20-SS Grid Isometric

DS-20-SS 4-Way Connector

DS-20-SS 3-Way Connector

DS-20-SS MTS Connector

DS-20-SS 24″ / 24″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS 24″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS 48″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS 24-1/2″ / 24-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS 24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS 48-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-20-SS Seismic Detail

DS-20-SS Fixed Perimeter Isometric

DS-20-SS Fixed Perimeter Section

DS-20-SS Floating Perimeter Isometric

DS-20-SS Floating Perimeter Section

DS-20-SS Sprinkler Assembly

DS-20-SS Cleancove Detail

DS-20-SS Teardrop Light Fixture

DS-20-SS Partition Head Track

DS-38 (Heavy Duty)
DS-38 Consolidated Set

DS-38 Main / Cross Tee

DS-38 Grid Isometric

DS-38 4-Way Connector

DS-38 3-Way Connector

DS-38 MTS Connector

DS-38 24″ / 24″ Grid Plan

DS-38 24″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38 48″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38 24-1/2″ / 24-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38 24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38 48-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38 Seismic Detail

DS-38 Fixed Perimeter Isometric

DS-38 Fixed Perimeter Section

DS-38 Floating Perimeter Isometric

DS-38 Floating Perimeter Section

DS-38 Sprinkler Assembly

DS-38 Cleancove Detail

DS-38-SS (Heavy Duty)
DS-38-SS Consolidated Set

DS-38-SS Main / Cross Tee

DS-38-SS Grid Isometric

DS-38-SS 4-Way Connector

DS-38-SS 3-Way Connector

DS-38-SS MTS Connector

DS-38-SS 24″ / 24″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS 24″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS 48″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS 24-1/2″ / 24-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS 24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS 48-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-SS Seismic Detail

DS-38-SS Fixed Perimeter Isometric

DS-38-SS Fixed Perimeter Section

DS-38-SS Floating Perimeter Isometric

DS-38-SS Floating Perimeter Section

DS-38-SS Sprinkler Assembly

DS-38-SS Cleancove Detail

DS-38-SS Teardrop Light Fixture

DS-38-SS Partition Head Track

DS-38-ST (Heavy Duty)
DS-38-ST Consolidated Set

DS-38-ST Main / Cross Tee

DS-38-ST Grid Isometric

DS-38-ST 4-Way Connector

DS-38-ST 3-Way Connector

DS-38-ST MTS Connector

DS-38-ST 24″ / 24″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST 24″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST 48″ / 48″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST 24-1/2″ / 24-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST 24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST 48-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Grid Plan

DS-38-ST Seismic Detail

DS-38-ST Fixed Perimeter Isometric

DS-38-ST Fixed Perimeter Section

DS-38-ST Floating Perimeter Isometric

DS-38-ST Floating Perimeter Section

DS-38-ST Sprinkler Assembly

DS-38-ST Cleancove Detail

DS-38-ST AMHS Clip Detail

DS-40 (Double Tee)
DS-40 Consolidated Set

DS-40 Main / Cross Tee

DS-20 With DS-40 Cross Tee Isometric

DS-20 With DS-40 Cross Tee Grid Plan

DS-38 With DS-40 Cross Tee Isometric

DS-38 With DS-40 Cross Tee Grid Plan

DS-40 Sprinkler Assembly

Main / Cross Tee

24″ / 48″ Module
24-1/2″ / 48-1/2″ Module
Wall Angle
Fixed Perimeter Isometric
Fixed Perimeter Section
Floating Perimeter Isometric
Floating Perimeter Section
Panel Hold Down Detail
Sprinkler Assembly

Main Tee

Fixed Perimeter Isometric
Fixed Perimeter Section
Panel Hold Down Detail
Teardrop Light Fixture

Main / Cross Tee

Wall Angle
Fixed Perimeter Isometric
Fixed Perimeter Section
Floating Perimeter Isometric
Floating Perimeter Section
Panel Hold Down Detail
AMHS Clip Detail
Sprinkler Assembly


DS Specification
DS-SS Specification
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